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Freelance iPhone / iOS Developer

Creating elaborate native iPhone and iPad apps tailored to business needs as well as leisure time.

3 years of experience with iOS applications development and more than 10 years of practice with programming web applications, facebook apps and linking up various internet technologies and services.

10+ iOS apps in the AppStore.

Many of them with my custom web server backend.

I am Dinesh and it has already been 3+ years since I started creating precise native iPhone and iPad applications in Objective-C language using Xcode and other available tools like maps, GPS, Google API, Facebook, Twitter, StoreKit (In-App Purchase), databases, SQL, and many others.

I love working on applications for clients’ benefit and satisfaction. Nevertheless, I like creating applications for entertainment as well. A very enjoyable part of my work is to interconnect existing systems and services, which is a way to create entirely innovative and handy applications bringing new, additional value to customers.

I enjoy seeing new places and excitement of traveling adventures. However, conscientiously done job and pleasantly surprised clients can make me feel even better.

I have acquired more than 9-year experience in creating customized web applications for a lot of different clients, which includes interconnecting various technologies and using miscellaneous, unique kinds of services, as for example automated phone calls, sending and receiving text messages (server-side), and others.

I'm available to hire at the moment!

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